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Registration of Trust

At Ekakshara Consultancy, we specialize in the registration of trusts. Whether you are looking to establish a public charitable trust, a private trust/

Registration of NGO

If you have a vision to make a positive impact on society through a non-governmental organization (NGO), we are her to.

Charitable Sanstha

For individuals or groups intending to establish charitable organizations known as “Sansthas,” we offer comprehensive registration services.

Registration of Mandal

If you are planning to set up a social, cultural, or religious organization known as a “Mandal,” we can assist you in the registration process.


Foundations play a vital role in driving social change and philanthropic endeavors. At Ekakshara Consultancy, we provide professional assistance

Education Society

If you aspire to establish an education society with a focus on providing quality education and promoting learning, we are here to help. Our experts will assist 

Multipurpose Society

 Multipurpose societies serve diverse needs of communities and provide various services to their members. If you wish to establish a multipurpose

Registration of Gym

Planning to open a gym and fitness center? We offer registration services for gyms, providing you with the necessary guidance and support.

Registration of Library

Libraries are valuable resources for knowledge and learning. If you intend to establish a library, we can assist you in the registration process.

Association Sports Club

For sports enthusiasts and organizers looking to establish an association or club dedicated to sports, we offer registration services.

Registration of Academy

Academies play a significant role in providing specialized training and education. If you plan to establish an academy, 

12a 80 g

Tax Exemptions: With 12A registration, your organization becomes exempt from income tax, ensuring that funds earned are dedicated solely to you

Registration of Union

Unions are formed to protect the rights and interests of specific groups of workers. If you are planning to establish a union, we provide registration services

Temple or Religious Trust

For individuals or groups wishing to establish a temple or religious trust, our consultancy services are here to assist you. We provide guidance on the

CSR1 Registration

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an essential aspect of any responsible and impactful business. If your organization is committed to making a positive difference in society, CSR1 registration

NITI Aayog

NITI Aayog, short for National Institution for Transforming India, is a premier policy think tank of the Government of India. It plays a crucial role in guiding and promoting sustainable development initiatives 

Trademarkr Registration

Your brand identity is a valuable asset that sets your business apart from competitors. and establishes your exclusive rights to use and protect your brand name, logo, or slogan.

PVT LTD, Company

Forming a private limited (Pvt. Ltd.) company is a popular choice for entrepreneurs looking to establish a separate legal entity for their business. This structure offers numerous benefits

Pancard, Shopact

When starting or operating a business in India, certain legal requirements must be fulfilled. Obtaining a PAN Card and Shop Act registration are two vital steps to ensure compliance and legitimacy. 

All Type Of Insurance

Insurance plays a critical role in safeguarding your assets, mitigating risks, and providing financial protection against unforeseen events. At Ekakshara Consultancy, we offer a wide range of insurance


Our Customers


"Ekakshara Consultancy played a crucial role in helping us establish our multipurpose society. Their expertise and knowledge in the registration process were evident from day one. They patiently addressed all our queries, assisted in document preparation, and ensured that the registration was completed efficiently. We highly recommend Ekakshara Consultancy for their professionalism and dedication." - Emily Roberts, Secretary of ABC Multipurpose Society

Why chosse us

Choosing Ekakshara Consultancy means partnering with a dedicated team that will guide you through the complexities of trust, NGO, and related registrations. We aim to provide a seamless experience, ensuring that your organization is legally compliant and well-positioned to make a positive impact in your chosen field.

Ekakshara Consultancy boasts a team of highly experienced professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of the legal and regulatory requirements for trust, NGO, and other registrations.

offer a wide range of services to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Whether it’s trust registration, NGO formation, charitable Sanstha registration, or any other related service, we provide end-to-end assistance, ensuring all legal formalities are met with precision and efficiency.

At Ekakshara Consultancy, we believe in providing personalized attention to each client. We understand that every organization has unique requirements, and we take the time to understand your specific needs and tailor our services accordingly

We prioritize compliance with all legal requirements and regulations. Our team is well-versed in the latest laws and guidelines governing trust and NGO registrations. With meticulous attention to detail and thorough documentation,

Trust and integrity are at the core of our operations. We maintain a transparent and ethical approach in all our dealings. We provide clear information about the entire registration process, associated costs, and timelines, ensuring that our clients have a complete understanding of the services they are availing.

 Our ultimate goal is client satisfaction. We strive to exceed expectations by delivering exceptional services and fostering long-term relationships with our clients. Many satisfied clients have chosen and recommended Ekakshara Consultancy based on our professionalism, reliability, and successful outcomes.

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